Monday, 6 September 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Summer is almost over...

Wow, I can't believe that summer is almost over. The kids will be starting school in a month.

We have been so busy with everything that I actually feel like we haven't had any summer time fun. Does everyone feel that way?

Here is a run down of what we have been doing.....
Lots of baseball
Swimming Lessons
Swimming for fun
Camping (1 time)
Scout camp
Scout day camp
Scouts in general
The boys each spent a week at a cousins house
Yard work
Funeral (Josh's grandpa)
Trip to St. George
2 baptisms
Church callings
Josh traveling for work
Don't forget.... Laundry and cleaning

Kody got his cast off a few weeks ago. I'm not sure who is more relieved, me or him. He finally feels like and he can actually go and do something. He is looking forward to lots of roping and hopefully we will be able to hit some junior rodeos this fall. Between rodeos and Brady's fall ball, fall is not going to be slowing down for us.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Finally some pics!!

Grayce's 6th Birthday

Brady's 8 th Birthday

Kody and Grandpa John

Libby, Logan (cousin) and Grayce at Bridal Vail Falls.

Brady on 3rd base.

Kody, Jagun (cousin) and Josh at Bridal Vail Falls.

Grayce at Bridal Vail Falls

Brady's Baptism.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

This one is for you Amanda :-)

Yesterday I had a friend say to me "When are you going to update your blog?" I know it's long over do, so here you go Amanda!

We have been so busy the last few months. The boys are both playing baseball, (up until recently). That has been taking up 6 nights a week. Kody is playing on city league team, He has been having a hard time with it because he doesn't have the best coach. ( I would have to agree because he doesn't even show up to all the games.) He has been playing shortstop, pitcher and catcher. It sure is weird to see him behind the plate. He has never played catcher a day in his life! But he does a great job at whatever position he is playing. Last Wednesday at practice, a kid ran into him while running the bases and broke Kody's arm. He has been so bummed that baseball season is over for him. I admit, I'm a little bummed too but, also relieved. I love watching him play baseball. He is such a good athlete. Kody finished the 7th grade with another 4.0. ( I wonder where he gets his brains from? His dad, maybe). Hopefully he will get his cast off in July and maybe he will feel like he will get some sort of summer. I told him I'm going to wrap him up in bubble wrap because this is is 5th broken bone. He has had 3 broken arms and 2 broken legs. What am I going to do with this kid???
Brady is playing on a super league baseball team. At first I was a little nervous about him playing for such a competive league, But it has turned out really good. He plays in either Salem, Spahish Fork, Aline and Payson on Monday nights, then in tournaments on the holiday weekends. Memorial weekend was his first tournament and they played great even though they lost. He plays first base, shortstop and catcher. He has a great coach and we are looking forward to him playing on this team for the next few years. Brady also turned 8 in May. He got baptized yesterday. We are so proud of him for making the choice to be baptized. He is such a good kid. Thanks to all of you who shared this special day with us. We love you all! Brady finished the 2nd grade. He did awesome in all of his classes and is so excited to go to 3rd grade.
Grayce finished kindergarten and is sad that she doesn't get to see her teacher anymore. She had an end of year program. It was so cute. She read a book to all the parents and did such a great job. She is such a great reader. She also had a gymnastics meet for the parents. She also did a great job in that. She does cartwheels every where she goes whether it's at church, the grocery store, the library, or our family room floor. It's amazing how she catches on so fast to all the new things they teach her. She is looking forward to doing more gymnastics over the summer. Grayce turned 6 in April. She had a bowling party with all of her friends. They had so much fun.
Libby just gets dragged around everywhere we go. She is such a trooper! She is still busy as ever and makes us laugh everyday. Yesterday she didn't want her hair done and I said, "Libby, somtimes I think you were meant to be a boy". And the tears started to fall. She said she was a "girl". I couldn't help but laugh at her and yes, she never wants her hair done. I'm lucky to get it combed. She has started to love to sing. It is so cute when she sings " You are my sunshine".
We just love her death!
Josh and I are doing great! We both run here and there and sometimes in opposite directions, trying to get the kids where they need to be. We are both exausted by the end of they day but, it is totally worth it. Josh isn't riding as much as he would like, but maybe when baseball is over with then he will have a few free nights. We have had a lot of company the last few weekends. We have had fun spending time with cousins. Next's their turn to have us at their house!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the update Amanda. I will try and do better just for you!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Josh's blog

Check out Josh's finance blog. He is so excited to get this going.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Basement FINISHED!!

Wahoo!!! The basement is finished! We are all moved in (well mostly, just a few more things needing to be moved), furniture delivered, but we are not decorated yet. We are loving the extra space. I will post pictures soon.

The boys are finishing up basketball. They both have had great seasons. Baseball starts next month!! We are so excited. I love watching the boys play.

More to come soon.......

Monday, 18 January 2010

We have been so busy. I thought maybe it would slow down after the holiday's got over with, boy was I wrong. We had a great Christmas and New Year. We are all ready to tackle a New Year!

We are finishing the rest of the basement. They are hanging sheetrock this week. We are so excited to get it done. Grayce has been wanting her room painted forever, so we painted this past weekend. She choose purple, it really turned out cute. While we were painting Grayce's room Libby kept saying "paint my wall pink", so we painted her room pink. Now that that is done I need to buy new bedding for both of their rooms since neither one of them matches. I would post pictures but my camera is messed up and won't let me put pictures on my computer. Hopefully that will be fixed SOON!

Josh spent this last week in Florida for work. We are glad that was the last trip there. I don't know of any other trips that he has planned, so hopefully he is home for awhile. He tries to ride the horses a few times a week, but that can get hard between work, scouts, kids activites and just everyday life. I am so thankful that he works so hard. I don't know what we would do without him.

Kody and Brady both started basketball. Kody plays with 8th graders this year and he looks like the little guy. He has lots of growing to do in the next year. He has almost passed me up though. Brady has so much fun playing. His friend is on his team and sometimes I think they forget that they have other team mates on the court because all the do is pass to each other. They are so funny! Grayce is in gymnastics and loves it. She smiles the whole time she is there. Last week she got to ring "the bell", because she did something all by herself. She was so excited. Libby is so busy. Most days I can't keep up with her. She is starting to talk so well. She makes us laugh everyday. Sometimes I wish she would stop growing and stay the size she is.

I keep busy taking the kids to and from school, taking them to their activities, cleaning, doing laundry and did I say cleaning? At the first of the year I decided that I was going to try and not be such a clean freak with my house. I'm really trying to not clean my floors everyday. Yes, I mop and vacuum EVERYDAY! I'm having a very hard time not doing it. It's amazing how the mop just ends up in my hands. :-) Well, anyways....We hope everyone is doing well and hopefully soon I will be able to post pictures and give an update of our basement.